We’ve been busy for the past couple of weeks!

The first day of Footie Camp is now within reach! Campers start showing up on Monday. 

Over the past week, we’ve finalized and tweaked the skills and games we want to teach and play.

Our coaches and chaperons have been trained on all the emergency procedures, policies and how to get the best out of the kids.

IMG_7168Jerseys are being sorted and the soccer balls are being pumped. 

All our celebrity coaches have been in touch once again and are excited to get going!

Lines have been painted on the training pitch at Crestwood School. 

We’ve laid out our indoor venue, the Crestwood Curling Club, so when a summer thunderstorm rolls through we’ll be nice and dry inside. Likewise, when it’s too hot out we can play indoors because the curling club is cool.

We are really excited to start seeing the kids roll through, so we can put them in front of the great cast of mentors we have lined up. At the end of day, we want kids to leave saying they had fun, learned a lot, made great friends and feel more confident on and off the field. We are convinced that’s going to happen.

We can’t wait to see everyone!

Thank you, 

Footie Camp Team