Footie Camp is a new social enterprise in Edmonton with a win-win philosophy. We run high-calibre soccer camps with elite coaches for kids 4-12 years old.

To be a great soccer player, you need to master the basics, and that’s our goal with Footie Camp: to teach kids the core fundamentals through fun games and drills. Our inspiring mentors and weekly celebrity coaches will also teach kids the attitude it takes to succeed on the field — and in life.

All proceeds from camps go to fund our Free Footie soccer program, so kids who can’t afford the game can play for free.

By sending your child to our camps, you give 1,300 Edmonton kids living in poverty, the joy of playing soccer and building their confidence. Every camp registration (of $295) funds free, year round soccer for two of Edmonton’s most needy kids. That’s a win-win to us.

Together, we make a difference

Of course, it’s about more than just soccer. For many Free Footie kids, the game is a break from a stressful home life, a way to stay off the streets. Every week, they learn the same values your kids do from stepping on the field: teamwork, sportsmanship, discipline, and most importantly, they have a blast!

They feel the thrill of pulling on a jersey to represent their school, and quickly develop a sense of belonging—something many have never truly felt before.

We believe good things happen when kids are free to play. Your registration means kids in need can play for free. Register now!

Theme 2017

This year we are bringing a special theme to our camp: World Cup. No, we didn’t create the concept of a World Cup, we know. And while this theme brings along with it a super fun week-long tournament format, it is also so much more. We’ll be exploring themes of diversity, inclusion, and unity through the lens of the game we all love – soccer!

Our impact

CBC News reported on our impact. See the story here »